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Please be alert for GoDaddy's Sitelock scam. They sent me an email claiming my site was full of malware. My site is a one page place holder waiting for when I finally get my business started. The text you see is literally all ther is! The wanted me to pay to "Clean" my site and to buy sitelock" When I kept asking how the so called hackers got access to my hosting space the just kept saying a version of hackers are smart. I pointed out that if hackers did get access it was only through by-passing GoDaddy's security not mine. The whole time they kept say well we have a solution just pay for site security. This is a SCAM!!! If they cannot secure their own servers how can they secure your hosting space when it is nothing more than a directory on THEIR SERVERS!! Please check out the comments on the following site: http://doesitreallywork.org/sitelock-review/


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